EU and Special Sweetheart Tax Deals

The European Commission President, Mr Junker, is under pressure from some quarters to explain his alleged role in facilitating multi-national tax avoidance while Luxembourg prime minister.
Critics claim that while Luxembourg PM he helped give special sweetheart tax deals to multinational companies and tried to frustrate EU tax reform on corporate tax avoidance.
In his defence it is pointed out on behalf of Mr Juncker that as Commission President he has presided over an unprecedented wave of actions against tax avoidance. The Commission has been especially successful in using illegal state aid actions as a way to fight back against big multi-national tax avoidance.
It seems to me that Mr Juncker has preached EU-wide solidarity while also acting to look after the interests of his own country. All perfectly standard EU behaviour, that is how the EU club works.

Eamon McNicholas
Tax Barrister, Accountant

About Eamon McNicholas

Tax Barrister, Accountant
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