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UK customer + UK paying + UK money + UK goods + UK services + UK advertised + UK delivered + UK used = 0.3% UK tax.

The “Mirror” newspaper reports that 6 US companies with UK sales estimated at £14.3bn paid just £41.3m in UK tax, or 0.3%. UK sales figures for Apple, Google, Starbucks, Amazon, Ebay and Facebook were estimated. This is because they use, … Continue reading

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Amazon Special Deal With Luxembourg May Be Illegal

EU regulators looking at the many special tax optimisation deals Luxembourg did with big US corporations have queried the one with Amazon. The concern is it may be illegal state aid. Eamon McNicholas Tax Barrister, Accountant http://www.EamonMcNicholas.com

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HMRC Double Standards over Low Tax Amazon

Reports of an EU probe into Luxembourg’s tax subsidy for Amazon selling books across the EU, including in the UK. It’s said under a special agreement with Luxembourg Amazon only paid 1% of its European income to Luxembourg. The benefit … Continue reading

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EU Investigating Another US internet Company

The EU is said to be investigating yet another US internet company about its tax affairs. Doubtless the company considers it is acting perfectly legally. The problem seems to be with the EU in fostering a discriminatory tax regime. The EU … Continue reading

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